Qurutulain Iqrar On Sharing Her Husband


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Qurutulain Iqrar is anchor Iqrar ul Hassan’s first wife and the mother of their only child, Pehlaaj Hassan. Even though Iqrar married twice more after her, she has always had a particular place in his life and a position in the family. The pair appeared as guests on Nida Yasir’s show, where they opened up and spoke a lot about their blended family.

When asked about Iqrar’s marriage, Qurutulain replies she respects everyone’s viewpoint on her husband’s marriages. She believes that it is OK for people to have different perspectives about this. They had their own set of circumstances, and their judgments were based on those. She went on to say that many individuals in our nation live like way, but they receive more attention because they work in the media.

Here’s her take on Iqrar’s marriages being questioned by the world:

She also discussed her feelings about sharing her hubby. She stated that she had never shared Iqrar. Iqrar has remained the same since the day they married, and it may be to his credit that he has always valued Annie and their marriage above everything else, never making her feel as if she is sharing her time or rights.

This is what she revealed:

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