Inspirational Story Of Emerging Cricketer Zaman Khan


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A young and gifted cricketer from Pakistan, Zaman Khan was born on September 10, 2001. In his cricketing career, Zaman Khan has put on a few standout performances. He presently plays for the Pakistan national cricket team. He achieved notoriety in September 2021 when he was selected for Northern’s 2021–22 National T20 Cup squad. He played in his first match against Afghanistan in March 2023 and was afterward a member of the national cricket team.

Young Pakistani athlete Zaman Khan recently told his admirers an uplifting tale. He spoke with PCB’s official YouTube account and provided information on his lowly upbringing. Zaman Khan described his upbringing by saying, “My father was a labourer; he did all types of labour, including wood work. My brothers were also the workers, and I used to carry bricks or do any other work that was required. I used to watch cricket players play on a field close to where I lived. One day, I went there and started playing; the first day, I bowled 10 wide balls; the second day, I didn’t bowl a single wide ball.

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