Ishna Shah won the hearts of fans


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The well-known actress in the Pakistan showbiz industry, Ushna Shah, won the hearts of her fans with her humanitarian spirit

Ushna Shah, who is often seen raising her voice for animal rights on social media, recently spent some time with disabled children and senior citizens in Darul Skoon. He has shared a video of himself in Dar es Salaam on photo and video-sharing app Instagram. While sharing this video, he wrote that ‘Allah gave an opportunity to meet the angels’.

He wrote that in the rush to fulfill our dreams, we often lose sight of the true essence of happiness. He further wrote that my visit to Dar al-Sakoon was a spiritual experience that opened my eyes and made me realize that my problems are very trivial

Ushna Shah wrote that the team here who are selflessly devoting their lives to serving the disabled children and the elderly, I realized the deep joy of serving humanity after seeing them. He wrote that the experience made me question my relentless pursuit of personal goals, reminding me of the fact that true happiness lies in acts of compassion and selflessness.

“I urge you all to donate whatever you can, I claim it will make you happier than shopping,” she wrote, urging her fans. Ushna Shah wrote in the end, “Spend time in places like Darul Skoon because the resonance of happiness that exists there is not found anywhere else and it is also a reminder for one to align one’s priorities with the needs of others.” After that, our lives can be set on the path of purpose and fulfillment This post of the actress is being liked a lot by the fans and the spirit of humanity in her heart is also being appreciated.

Watch the Complete Video:

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