JDC Founder Gets Emotional Talking About Crushing Inflation


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For the last 76 years, we have heard that Pakistan is taking a delicate turn. The cherished country appears to be stuck on a delicate roundabout and may not be able to exit anytime soon. Military participation in politics, ineptitude of politicians, zero rule of law and little caring about the general welfare are some elements that have bankrupted Pakistan. The country is not making any progress, except for inflation, which is growing by the day. There has been no regard for Ramadan, and as soon as the Holy Month began, the prices of all consumables surged. People this year can’t even afford flour, potatoes, or onions. individuals are committing suicide, and many individuals who used to aid others are in need.

JDC Foundation has done excellent work in Karachi. They will host Sehri and Iftar this year, in addition to other philanthropic activities. The creator, Zafar Abbas, was a guest on ARY and became upset when discussing this year’s terrible inflation. He stated that he knows several guards who sleep on the roadways because they cannot pay bus fares. They slept on the road and resumed working in the morning. He also stated that government-sponsored Ramadan kits will no longer be effective. There is a need for extensive planning.

This is what he said:

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