Jibran Nasir On Marrying Mansha Pasha After Her Divorce


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Mansha Pasha and Jibran Nasir are a stunning and smart celebrity couple. They both support each other’s professions, and their followers always enjoy seeing them together. Mansha and Jibran married during the lockdown in a beautiful ceremony that was primarily intimate. The pair appeared on Fuchsia and discussed marriage, love, and friendship.

Mansha expressed her feelings about marrying again after a divorce when she met Jibran. She stated that she believes each divorce is unique since the people involved and their families are diverse, thus she is always careful when advising others. But she was always certain about the institution of marriage, and she knew she would want to marry Jibran once they were together.

This is what Mansha revealed.

Jibran Nasir is a well-regarded lawyer and human rights campaigner. He also discussed how he felt about marrying Mansha, who was divorced first. Jibran stated that everyone in these times has a history. So, assessing a lady you wish to marry based on her history is unacceptable. You may have spent time in a society where co-education is common and individuals encounter one another. Thus, this should be understood, and a broken marriage is not a taboo since a woman is a human being with experiences, not a conquered area.

Hear Jibran’s amazing thoughts:

Jibran also stated that everyone learns from their surroundings, and he learned the same prejudices that society has in general, but widening his horizons allowed him to better comprehend the world.

Here is what he shared:

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