Khaie’s Mahenur Haider Opens About Her Divorce


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Khaie is a play in which all of the actors and actresses receive a lot of praise and support from the public. The tension and excitement of the show have captivated millions. Another music that everyone looks forward to is Apanna and Barlas Khan’s love story. Apanna, played by Mahenur Haider, is a lovely and pleasant character in an entitled household. Mahenur Haider was a guest, where she discussed her real-life divorce and offered advice to those experiencing marital issues.

Mahenur said that she married when she was only 22 years old. She was quite young. The marriage divorced four years ago, and her parents, particularly her father, were quite supportive of her. Mahenur stated that having a supportive family is one of the most important privileges a girl can have, and she also had a profession to fall back on.

She also added that many individuals ask her if they should leave a toxic marriage, but she never tells them to do so because everyone’s situation is unique. She went on to say that she never spoke negatively about her ex since even wonderful people can’t always get along.

Here’s what she shared:

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