Kubra Khan On Actors Getting Judged For Being Non-Religious


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Kubra Khan is one of the most popular actresses on television. She is highly particular about the characters she chooses and is a successful actress in both television and movies. Kubra Khan has stunned everyone with her drama Jannat Se Aagay, and she will be starring in Noor Jehan shortly. Kubra is stunning, and clever, and consistently encourages her followers.

Kubra Khan is highly spiritual in real life, and she has always acknowledged this, even after doing Alif. She prefers to keep her religious side private, and she never overshares her prayers, Umrah trips, or trek through Aitekaaf on social media. Kubra Khan spoke with Maliha Rehman on the significance of prayer and how she thanks Allah SWT for always selecting the finest projects and for all the love she has received from the public.

Here is what she shared:

Kubra also discussed how actors are typically assumed to be non-religious. She stated that many believe that if you are an actress, you would be far from religion, and she knows how people feel. She stated that after she returned from Umrah, someone in the same industry commented, “Kaise kaise log Umrah par jaa rahe hain.” This astonished Kubra because this person is also in the industry. Kubra noted that people don’t know what’s in someone’s heart and instead criticize them based on preconceived beliefs about show business.

This is what Kubra said:

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