American Author And Activist Shaun King Embraces Islam


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Jeffrey Shaun King is a well-known American novelist and activist. He has a lengthy history in journalism and has written for several prominent magazines. He is a well-known figure in the field of social action, particularly in the United States, for his contributions to the Black Lives Matter movement. He was also a preacher and founded a church in 2008, which he led for four years. Shaun King has been involved in several charitable ventures and has faced several charges regarding donations that never materialized.

He has been quite involved in the Palestinian cause and the Gaza slaughter since October 7th, and he has participated in several rallies in America. He is married with five children, two of which are adopted. He also has foster children and is close to his nieces and nephews. Shaun King and his wife accepted Islam on Ramadan 1st, 2024.

Sheikh Omar Sulaiman took him and his wife Rai King through the Shahadah, and he is now officially a Muslim.

This is their Shahadah:

Here’s a great video of Shaun recounting his path to Islam:

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