Sanam Saeed-Mohib Mirza Reveals First Gifts After Marriage


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Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza are both accomplished performers who married some time ago. People wished them love since they had both discovered love for the second time. Mohib is an excellent actress and director, but Sanam is noted for her discerning taste in screenplays and her refusal to compromise on the quality of her work.

Sanam was a guest on Mohib Mirza’s The Knock Knock Show, where she discussed her experiences as a wife. She stated that, like other women, she prefers to keep her house neat and organized. She is a very nice wife, although she dislikes cooking. However, she will prepare for Mohib if he requests it, and Mohib occasionally offers her meals.

Here’s what she shared:

Mohib and Sanam also shared the first presents they exchanged after marriage. Sanam added that Mohib gave her a gorgeous emerald ring, while she gave him a fragrance called Tom Ford Oud Wood.

Listen to what they gave each other.

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