Nimra Mehra Gets Emotional Talking About Her Parents’ Tragic Death


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Nimra Mehra is a talented Pakistani vocalist who has featured on various television shows as both a performer and a co-host. She has recently gained popularity for her song “Tu Subha Di Pak Hawa Warga”. The song became popular on social media and trended for several months. Her song has received 48 million views in seven months. Nimra Mehra has also sung several OSTs. She is currently enjoying her achievements. Nimra Mehra is deeply saddened and distraught as a result of her parents’ deaths.

She was recently featured on Wasi Shah’s show Zabaradast on Neo News. In the episode, she discussed her parents’ demise.

Speaking on her mother’s death, she stated, “I had just started working in the industry when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and I believed I couldn’t do anything after that since we were barely handling the treatments. In Pakistan, they say that treatment is free, but when my mother was suffering, they gave us a long list of medicines and other treatments, as well as large bills; obviously, my father was the only one earning; it was a painful process that we ended up having to do everything despite not having any money.” Nimra Mehra began weeping when recounting her mother’s final moments.

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On another occasion, Nimra discussed her father’s death. She stated that her father died from a heart attack. She stated, “My father died of a heart attack; at the time, I was suffering from a fever. I received a call concerning his health, but I was unable to meet him when he passed away at the hospital due of traffic protocols during the PSL. I’d want to ask the government to discontinue the traffic protocols. Last year, I was stopped on Jail Road owing to player security. Stop providing excessive protection to government elites and worldwide sports superstars; no one will kill you; you are secure; but, due to etiquette, people die.

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