Iqrar Ul Hassan Confirms His Third Marriage – Shares Details


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Iqrar ul Hassan is a popular Pakistani presenter and crime reporter. His iconic program Sar E Aam helped him achieve eternal fame. The anchor is frequently in the news due to his repeated marriages and conflicts. His supposed third marriage has recently sparked speculation on social media. His images with presenter and vlogger Uroosa Khan piqued everyone’s interest. Iqrar never refuted allegations about his previous marriages. He just disclosed his third marriage in a YouTube interview.

In a recent interview with Lahore Rang, Iqrar Ul Hassan Syed revealed his third marriage to anchor Uroosa Khan. Iqrar Ul Hassan expressed his happiness at the strong bond between his wife. Speaking about it, he remarked, “There is no need to discuss my many marriages. I just accept people’s pleasantries in this respect, and if they congratulate me, I accept it. I don’t want to discuss it since our culture does not tolerate it. And how can it be bad if I am not doing injustice to any of my spouses, they are happy, and I am not causing them any harm? Yes, I realize that repeated marriages are seen negatively in our culture. Some people cannot afford to marry more than once.

Regarding fourth marriage rumors, he stated, “There are only three, I haven’t seen any rumors of my fourth marriage, and everything is open on social media.” “I share photos”. He confessed that his third wife has a wonderful relationship with his son Pehlaj. He also stated that he devotes equal attention, love, respect, and care to his wife. Here’s a link to the video:

He stated that Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar is the most caring and loving lady who has changed his life, Farah Iqrar is like Allah’s gift to him, and Uroosa Khan has brought much happiness to his family.

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