Amar Khan About Her Troubled Relationship With Father


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Amar Khan is a stunning and skilled Pakistani television and cinema actress. She is a superb writer and director. Amar rose to prominence with her memorable role of Neelofur in the television series Belapur Ki Dayan. Her other prominent dramas include Ghughi, Dil-e-Bereham, Choti Choti Batain, and Baddua. Her drama Darrar was also well received by viewers. Last year, her drama series Heer The Hero, which she also wrote, received positive feedback from fans. This year, Amar Khan has authored an upcoming Ramadan drama series.

Amar Khan recently appeared on Frieha Altaf’s podcast, where she discussed her parents’ divorce and her rocky relationship with her father.

Amar Khan explained, “My father is not now supporting me. I’ve met him before on several of my holidays. He wasn’t pleased when he learned that I was entering the media sector; he wasn’t good with it. We had a formal relationship. He sent me an email while I was joining the media sector. In the email, he stated, ‘You are entering your mother’s profession, and I do not want you to bring dishonor to the family. I’m not good at it. However, I wrote to him, ‘I will not bring dishonor to my mother or your family.’ After that, we never spoke to one another.

She also discussed her parents’ split. Amar Khan explained, “I am the sole child on my mother’s side. My parents split, and I didn’t spend much time with my father, therefore I am a single child raised in Lahore in a Punjabi home.

Amar Khan is the daughter of Fareeha Jabeen, a seasoned PTV actress whose latest plays include Suno Chanda, Dil Tanha Tanha, and Khuda Aur Mohabbat.

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