How Atiqa Odho Lost Weight


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Atiqa Odho is without a doubt one of the most stunning actresses to have appeared on Pakistani television. She is ethereal, and she conducts herself with unrivaled grace to this day. She is incredibly skilled and never hesitates to delve inside the skin of any character, no matter how she seems on television. She has ruled the screen for decades and remains as fresh now as she was when she first entered the profession.

Atiqa just starred in ARY Digital’s Sukoon, and she looks stunning in that part. She maintained a fantastic style, and people admired her commanding presence on film.

She will now star in Bol’s Ramadan play Chand Nagar, which has a large cast, and she appears even fitter than she did in Sukoon. During an interview with Maliha Rehman, she said that she began losing weight while filming Sukoon. She said that she avoids sweets and never consumes fried foods. Atiqa Odho stated that she does not eat fried food during Ramadan. She stated that what you eat eventually reflects on your face, and she has been able to lose 8 kg while appearing even fitter than before.

Here’s what she said.

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