Maaz Safder Regrets Relationship With Wife Saba


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Maaz Safder is one of Pakistan’s most prominent YouTubers. He is also an entrepreneur, and his family Vlogs are seen by millions almost every day. Maaz Safder became famous for his adorable family content and his marriage at the early age of 21. He married his wife, Saba Maaz when she was barely 19. The couple now has a newborn son named Basil Maaz, and Maaz Safder frequently informs the world about his family’s activities.

Maaz Safder was a guest on the podcast Seedhi Baat With Reeja Jay, where he discussed his journey to popularity at an early age, his business activities, and his relationships with his wife and family. Maaz claimed that Saba and he were in a four-year relationship before marrying at the ages of 19 and 21. He also expressed remorse for having a connection with his wife before they married, saying that they should have married right away.

Maaz also discussed how life before marriage is different in terms of attractiveness, however after marriage, you have no other alternatives and must spend your time with your spouse.

Here is what Maaz had to say:

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