Mahira Khan Responds to Rowdy Behavior at Literature Event


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Mahira Khan is a gorgeous, popular, and brilliant Pakistani television and film actor who has achieved recognition, success, and acclaim since entering the entertainment world. Last year, in October, Mahira married Salim Karim. Mahira is a committed professional. She is a proud artist who has positively represented Pakistan on the world stage. Mahira is presently filming for her forthcoming series. Mahira is also an accomplished businesswoman with some successful business endeavors.

Today, Mahira visited the Pakistan Literature Festival in Quetta. Mahira was speaking at the event about her celebrity, success, and professionalism when someone in the audience hurled an item at her. Mahira Khan interrupted her talk, stating that this was an unacceptable conduct.

She said, “I won’t do any dialogue because you threw something on me, it means there is no room for a dialogue” . Mahira handled it calmly, restarted the interview, and decided to collaborate on a film for Quetta. Here’s a link to the video:

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