Maria B’s Transgender drama ‘Sirrah’ criticized


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Pakistan’s famous fashion designer Maria B once again came into the news by criticizing transgenders.

These days, private TV channel ARY Digital’s drama ‘Sarirah’ is being loved by the audience, the main characters of which include Muneeb Butt, Saba Qamar, Saboor Ali, Hareem Farooq, and Sunita Marshall.

Directed by Adeel Bhatti, the drama has highlighted various social issues in its four episodes so far, apart from gender equality and transgender/transgender issues.

In a recent episode of the drama, a conversation between a father and his illegitimate child has been shown which is also going viral on social media.

In the clip, a father can be seen providing guidance to his son about being transgender, the play highlights the importance of transgender education and their rights as well as the problems they face in life.

Many Twitter users praised this drama clip which went viral on social media

Maria B

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s famous fashion designer Maria B criticized the drama while sharing the viral clip on Instagram.

He wrote that instead of guiding the child to become a boy or a girl according to Sharia, an attempt is being made to make the child transgender.

He wrote that now is the time for Pakistanis to wake up, is the agenda still not clear? “Damn” to all those who have sold themselves for this work and are equally complicit in the destruction of our children.

After Maria B’s reaction, Twitter users criticized the fashion designer

One user wrote that ‘on the one hand she is saying that trans intersex people can choose a medically specific gender according to Sharia, on the other hand, she is criticizing trans people for choosing a specific gender on medical grounds. Report to ‘s Instagram account’.

In another Instagram story, designer Maria B alleged that since Sirrah is a USAID-sponsored drama, the Western world is pushing its gender agenda on our society.

Shimla wrote that ‘Where is Maria B getting funding for running an agenda against trans people? She is devoting a lot of time to this, I wonder who is funding her, she should answer that question, the public wants to know.”

It should be noted that in the drama Sarraah aired on ARY Digital, it is shown that Muneeb Butt, after obtaining higher education, passes the CSS Advanced Examination and is appointed Assistant Commissioner (AC).

Earlier, Muneeb Butt had told Dawn Images that for the first time in a drama, a transgender person will be shown getting an education and holding a high position and solving social problems, otherwise transgender people are usually portrayed as prostitutes, dancers and beggars. Rupman is shown

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