Hara Mani released new song ‘Yariyan’ on YouTube

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On the occasion of her birthday, the well-known actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Hara Mani gave her fans a gift of a new song in her voice.

While sharing the video clip of her song on the photo and video sharing platform, the actress wrote, “Pesh khittam hai ‘Yariyan’ is very close to mere dil ke hai song, your opinion is required”.

It should be noted that earlier Hara Mani has performed her vocal magic in various seasons of a brand musical show, apart from this she has also performed in local and international concerts.

Now the actress has released the solo song ‘Yariyan’ on YouTube.

On the other hand, social media users are giving mixed feedback on Hara Mani’s song, some think that she should only act and singing is not her thing, while many users are also praising her.

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