Momina Iqbal’s advice low followers should leave the showbiz


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Famous Pakistani actress Momina Iqbal has given a unique advice to actresses who have less followers on social media.

Actress Momina Iqbal, who rose to fame due to her excellent performance in Geo Entertainment’s blockbuster drama serials ‘Girup’ and ‘Mere Hum Nishin’, has uploaded videos full of doubts on social media.

The actress has said in her videos that actors who have very few followers should leave the showbiz industry because they will not be able to work in films or dramas due to low following.

Momina Iqbal is also seen telling the benefits of having more followers in her videos.

Actress Momina complains in the video and says that since morning about 10 people on the set have told her that she has only 10 lakh followers on social media, as her followers on social media are only 10 lakh. She will not be able to act in plays.

Talking to people around her and customers, the actress added that that is why she is advising those who have less followers to leave the industry.

The actress says that many years have passed since she worked in this industry but still she has no importance in this industry and the reason for this is her low number of followers on social media.

Momina Iqbal has complained and said that due to low followers, she is not getting work in showbiz, now she is thinking that she should quit acting and do something big in life or start vlogging.

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