Yasir Hussain reacted to the incident with Mahira Khan


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Yasir Hussain, a well-known actor, writer, and director associated with the Pakistan film and TV industry, recently reacted to the incident that happened with Mahira Khan and termed it as normal.

On the photo and video-sharing platform Instagram, the actor shared a viral screenshot on social media.

According to a viral screenshot, Balochistan Chief Minister Sarfraz Bugti apologized to actress Mahira Khan for her misbehavior at the Pakistan Literature Festival.

However, Yasir Hussain has now reacted to the incident and said that what happened to Mahira Khan during the Pakistan Literature Festival in Quetta is not such a big deal.

He said that it is not such a big deal, it happens everywhere in the world, it is a normal behavior. There were 10,000 people who had come just to see Mahira Khan, what if one of them threw a bottle at her, the entire city cannot be judged by this act.

In the light of his experience, the actor said that he had the opportunity to go to Quetta many times, the citizens there are very hospitable.

According to Yasir Hussain, the citizens of Lahore and Karachi often see well-known personalities in malls and restaurants, but this is not the case in Quetta.

He emphasized on the implementation of such programs in Quetta and said that Quetta is a beautiful city of our country and there should be more such programs.

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