Muneeb Butt On Marrying At A Young Age


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Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan are one of the most popular celebrity couples in Pakistan. They married when they were quite young, and they now have excellent jobs, a successful marriage, and two lovely kids. Muneeb Butt is a well-known starring guy, and his dramas consistently receive high ratings. He appeared as a guest on Nida Yasir’s Shan e Suhoor and spoke candidly about marrying young.

Muneeb revealed that he married Aiman while still struggling to establish himself in the field. The route to success was in the works, but he still considered marrying. Muneeb stated that his line of business provides money and fame, and he has seen many individuals go wrong in their life. He didn’t want it for himself, so he opted to settle down and raise his own family, which turned out to be a good option.

Here’s what Muneeb had to say about marrying young:

He also discussed how he had to battle his in-laws a little after married Aiman. He stated that his proposal was quickly accepted, but Aiman’s parents preferred to wait because she had not yet reached 18. Aiman’s mother was anxious about how she would handle the entire home at such a young age. Muneeb and his family were relieved at this point.

They assured them that this would not be an issue because other members of the family would be supporting her.

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