Faysal Quraishi Defends Chinar Khan’s Character in Khaie


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Faysal Quraishi is a superb Pakistani television actor who has recently made headlines for his flawless portrayal of Chinar Khan in Geo TV’s popular drama series Khaie. The drama is a massive production by Geo TV under the brand of 7th Sky Entertainment. Well, Syed Wajahat Hussain directed the play. It was written by Saqlain Abbas. The cast also includes Durefishan Saleem, Shuja Asad, Khalid Butt, Noor ul Hassan, Hina Bayat, Uzma Hassan, Laila Wasti, Osama Tahir, Shamyl Khan, Mahenur Haider, Saba Faysal, Noor Ul Hassan, and Javed Jamal.

He recently appeared on Green Entertainment’s Ramadan broadcast, where he discussed his character Chinar Khan from Khaie.

While responding to criticism about his character Chinar Khan, Faysal stated, “No one is terrified of Chinar Khan; in fact, I am receiving a favorable response; yesterday, someone remarked to me, ‘I don’t know if I should hate Chinar Khan or adore him.’ People like it. Actually, in Pakistan, we caricature the characters; a common belief here is that the villain cannot be human, and the hero cannot be bad at all; they have no notion of gray characters.

I wanted Chinar Khan to be gray; I didn’t want people to dislike it. Also, Chinar Khan has a romantic element to him; credit goes to Saqlain for writing it so beautifully, and it was wonderfully implemented. I believe that if a character is meant to offend people, he should do so; it is part of the beauty of excellent acting and narrative.” Faysal Quraishi stated the following about Chinar Khan:

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