Shahid Afridi and Mushtaq Ahmed Demand Censorship


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Shahid Afridi and Mushtaq Ahmed are excellent former Pakistani cricketers who serve as analysts on Samaa TV’s cricket show Zor Ka Jor. Both like discussing the Pakistani cricket team’s performance in international series. They recently appeared on a PSl special transmission of Sina Pasha’s show “Zor Ka Jor”. In a recent episode of the program, both senior players called for self-censorship on media and social media.

When the host mentioned the matter of Babar Azam’s supporters hooting on Imad Wasim, Shahid Afridi remarked, “The players more frequently encounter public hooting, as Baber, Amir, and now Imad have faced; nowadays, media is everywhere, and social media is another burden on people. Why can’t we see the social media trolls in real life? They never came across me in real life, and I’ve never seen such individuals in my life.

Mushtaq Ahmed further stated, “This is what we teach our kids in this program: don’t judge players or celebrities based on social media trolling because they are going through a lot of difficulties in real life.” They have families, so we should avoid negativity. There is a lot going on with individuals throughout the world, yet we seldom see any terrible news on international news stations. In Pakistan, we even report that stray dogs are dying in the river; we must project a favorable picture of our nation and practice self-censorship.”

Here is the link to the video:

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