Muneeb Butt Reveals Characteristics Of A Good Son In Law


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Muneeb Butt has always emphasized the value of family. He lives in a shared family structure with his brother and parents, and he enjoys being close to them. He is also on excellent terms with his wife Aiman Khan’s family. He was seen taking up many of Minal’s father’s responsibilities during her wedding, as they had already lost their father. He is also friendly with Aiman’s brothers and Minal Khan’s spouse, Ahsan Mohsin Ikram.

Muneeb Butt was speaking with Metatainment and described the attributes of a good son-in-law. He has questioned if Aiman’s brothers are terrified of him because he is older. He remarked that he does not believe in frightening people. He is a really pleasant person, which is how relationships should be.

Here is what he had to say:

He also discussed Aiman’s favorite and least favorite habits. He stated that Aiman is extremely compassionate and is always looking out for him, but she has a poor tendency of being short-tempered and easily irritated.

This is what he revealed:

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