Shehnaz Sheikh Reveals Ankahi Salary And Opinion On Social Media


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Shehnaz Sheikh is Pakistan’s all-time favorite celebrity. Beginning her career in Ankahi, she became a star overnight and has never looked back. Though Shehnaz ceased performing in plays years ago, she remains one of the nation’s most popular stars, and every time she appears at a public event, her admirers go crazy for her. She will soon be seen anchoring a chat program on PTV, but she will not be returning to acting anytime soon.

Shehnaz Sheikh disclosed to BBC Urdu the remuneration she received for her best successes, Ankahi and Tanhaiyan. She said that she got paid 800 rupees for every episode for Ankahi, which was the standard rate at the time for leading actors. Actors were also responsible for their accommodation, transport, and clothes. She then received 1000 rupees for every episode for Tanhaiyan after becoming a great star.

Here is what she revealed:

She also expressed her thoughts on the rise of social media. She stated that she cannot comprehend the dread of always being videotaped that young performers face. When there were no cameras, she could live her life to the fullest. She enjoys scrolling through social media feeds and watching TikTok videos.

This is her opinion:

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