Does Murtasim From Tere Bin Lack Self Respect Evidence


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Wahaj Ali is a handsome and skilled actor who is playing the part of Murtasim in the popular serial Tere Bin. However, let’s focus on Khan Murtasim Khan, who is portrayed as the biggest phenomenon in his universe and the Khan of the village. The character made an amazing entrance. The character’s fortitude and tenacity impressed the entire fanbase. They once more admired the way he fell in love with Meerab, who was portrayed by Yumna Zaidi. As the drama develops, we begin to suspect that he might not be the KHAN that the actors were paid to portray and that perhaps the man lacks even the most fundamental self-respect.

Murtasim has frequently been demonstrated to lack the self-respect that a feudal and irate man of his character ought to have, and this is just absurd in light of the present. Yes, there have been times when Murtasim has smacked Meerab or asked her to jump off the roof, and those instances were also out of character because Murtasim is not a cruel man, but he still needs to have that self-respect, which he lacks, as shown by the following examples:

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