Nadia Khan Calls Viewers Hypocrites


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Nadia Khan is an actress and a host. She has been in several plays and is recognized as Pakistan’s morning show queen. Nadia Khan was the one who revitalized the notion of morning programs in Pakistan. Her performance used to originate from Dubai, and it was a huge hit with the audience. She has since seen numerous ups and downs in her work and personal life, but she is now a well-known personality and YouTuber.

Nadia Khan and Aijaz Aslam co-host the Ramadan program Life Green Hai for Green TV. They had Shaista Lodhi as a guest on the show, and the subject revolved around how people constantly criticize celebrities, particularly morning show presenters, on social media. Nadia Khan stated that these folks are nothing but hypocrites.

She said that they will seem pleasant when they meet you in person yet write harsh remarks on social media. She went on to remark that this is comparable to the phrase “Bandar Ke Haath Main Maachis” which is how social media is utilized.

This is how distressing Nadia Khan finds this hypocrisy, and she expresses her concerns:

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