How Moammar Rana’s Wife Strengthened Daughter’s Bond With Father


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Moammar Rana is a well-known figure in Pakistan’s film industry. He intended to play cricket but eventually became an actor, and he commanded the silver screen for many years. He has had several successes during his career and was renowned as a heartthrob during his prime years. Pakistan produced a lot of movies during the period, and the industry was thriving. There weren’t many stars, and the same celebrity might work on numerous films at once. Moammar Rana followed a similar regimen, with his wife holding the fort and raising their two girls.

Moammar Rana and his wife Mehnaz were guests on PTV, where they discussed how busy Moammar was during his peak years. He was unable to spend time with his girls as they grew older, but they remained extremely close to him. He thanks Mehnaz for this since she was constantly wonderfully raising their girls.

Mehnaz explained that she used to educate her girls that their father worked in hard conditions and that they had all the comforts because of him. She taught them to respect him, which led to his love in their hearts.

This is what the couple shared

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