Why Were Shaista Lodhi And Nadia Khan Fighting


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Morning programs were quite popular back then. The drama and disputes connected with these shows were ludicrous, and the hosts were always competing for the highest TRP for their stations. Nadia Khan and Shaista Lodhi are two well-known morning show hosts who formerly ruled on various stations before moving on to other opportunities.

Shaista Lodhi appeared as a guest on Nadia Khan and Aijaz Aslam’s Life Green Hai, where they discussed their disagreements during morning show days. They were very competitive, and there was a lot of animosity between them at the time. Nadia Kahn said that many of the clashes on their broadcasts were caused by visitors. They would say nasty things about the other host while on someone else’s show, which caused a schism between them.

This is what Nadia revealed:

Shaista Lodhi also said that after Nadia Khan’s mother died, they were not on good terms, and Shaista did not have the confidence to contact Nadia during that difficult period. But she eventually got the confidence to phone Nadia. Nadia expressed her gratitude that Shaista reached out to her at that time, which also helped to repair their split and disagreements.

Here is what went down:

They also discussed the challenges they faced as morning program anchors. There was a competition for clothing, cosmetics, and style. They would also watch each other’s shows during breaks to see what the other was doing. Also, the spinning chairs presented problems.

These were the pressures:

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