Saba Faisal On Getting Targeted On Social Media


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Saba Faisal is a celebrity in Pakistan’s entertainment business. She is a self-made celebrity who began her career as a PTV announcer and is now a must-have on the casting lists for every successful drama. She is also well known for her fashion sense and how she handles herself in real life. She was a guest on Maya Khan’s Ramadan broadcast, where she discussed how she is targeted on social media and advised celebrities on how to set boundaries.

Saba Faisal

Saba Faisal discussed if she had any reservations about social media. She stated that she is OK with it and does not mind what others think, but there should be certain limits between celebrities and the general population. She stated that she never permits males to take photographs with her unless they are with relatives. Similarly, the public believes that stars are public property and should disclose their personal information, which is incorrect. She further stated that people did not even leave our Holy Prophet SAW and shouted nasty things about him, so as simple people, we are destined to be persecuted.

Here is what she said:

She also discussed if she believes she is targeted more on social media. Saba stated that she gets targeted more frequently, but since she is a celebrity, people seek her out. If she had been an ordinary person, no one would have cared.

Here’s her perspective on being targeted:

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