Nazish Jahangir’s shying away from the question of breaking others’ hearts has gone viral


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Actress Nazish Jahangir has said that her heart has never been broken, however, the actress got shy on the question of breaking other people’s hearts and the video of her shyness went viral.

Nazish Jahangir recently joined the comedy program Mushka Raat along with co-star Khushal Khan, where she opened up about her upcoming romantic comedy Poppy’s Wedding, among other things.

During the program, Khushal Khan said that he likes one-sided love, because it allows the lover to think as much and as much as he wants about the one he loves.

When asked about marriage, the actor said that he does not know the future whether he will marry according to his choice or according to the wishes of his family.

To a question, he clarified that his heart was never broken.

Meanwhile, when Nazish Jahangir was asked about heartbreak, he also said that his heart has never been broken and that is why he is alive today and is present in the program.

However, when asked if she has ever broken anyone’s heart, the actress blushed and did not answer.

When asked about marriage, Nazish Jahangir said that she thinks that she will have an arranged marriage.

On this, she made it clear that if she likes a boy, her family will agree to it, but even if her family sees the boy first, she will agree to the family’s choice.

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