Sahiba’s Advice For Women Who Keep Waiting For Prince Charming


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Pakistan is experiencing a quiet crisis as a result of the regulations that have been established in the country. According to the most recent poll, 10 million women over the age of 35 are waiting to marry in Pakistan. Both men and women have established unreasonable standards, which has exacerbated the situation. Sahiba just hinted at the matter.

Sahiba married Rambo while she was quite young and at the height of her career. She was doing well until she chose to marry Rambo, which turned out to be a good option for her later on. She was a guest on Ramiz Raja’s show and discussed getting married young.

Sahiba stated that a woman should marry when she believes she has found the right man. That’s what she did. She also stated that many women are still waiting for their Prince Charming, who will most likely not arrive anytime soon.

Sahiba was one of the actresses who opted to marry when it was considered inappropriate for a film star to do so. Her contemporaries, Resham and Meera, are still single and have had great careers as well.

This is what Sahiba said:

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