Hina Rizvi’s Husband On Her Weight And Marriage


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Hina Rizvi is an actress who has excelled in both theater and drama, and she hails from a filmy family since her older sister Sangeeta is a film actor and director who is currently active. Hina has played a variety of roles and has always won people’s hearts. She is sweet, gorgeous, and brilliant. She just married theatrical star Ammar Ahmed Khan, and their wedding photos went viral on social media.

Hina and Ammar appeared as guests on Fuchsia and discussed the hostility they faced following their marriage, as well as the affection they received from their fans. They also discussed society’s double standards for beauty and how they prioritized their love and understanding over what the world would think.

Hina confessed that she had considered decreasing weight in preparation for her marriage, which was scheduled for November. Hina stated that she told Ammar that she would look better that way, but Ammar disagreed. He stated that she is already attractive and does not need to reduce weight for that. What counts is their love for each other, and they shouldn’t wait to get together merely to modify their looks.

Here is what Hina revealed:

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