Natasha Lakhani Gets Emotional About Motherhood And Life


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Natasha Lakhani is a prominent makeup artist in Pakistan. She has worked with numerous celebrities, and her makeup is a luxury that women cherish as they prepare for their wedding day. Natasha Lakhani hails from a highly gifted family; she is the granddaughter of Madam Noor Jehan, and her cousins have all earned a name for themselves in show business in various capacities. She is also a mother of two lovely children, and she always manages everything properly. However, this is not the norm in everyday life.

Natasha is also quite active on social media, often interacting with her followers. Natasha is frequently asked how she manages to handle everything so well, especially with two small children, and she was extremely open in answering this issue and dispelling some myths.

Natasha became upset and posted a video of herself sobbing while explaining that social media is an illusion. She stated that despite having all of the support she needs, she still feels overwhelmed as she maintains her company, cares for her children, and makes time for her husband and family. Motherhood and life are difficult for everyone, and she advised people not to fall for the mirage that is social media.

Here is how Natasha reacted:

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