Nida And Yasir Reveal Miracle Stories From Hajj


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Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz are a well-known celebrity couple from Pakistan. They planned to perform Hajj this year, and Allah granted their wish. They were Hajis this year and did Hajj brilliantly, sharing many highlights of their journey with their fans. The couple has returned from their Holy adventure, and Nida’s staff hosted them both for her first program today.

Nida and Yasir explained that they visited Madinah first and then traveled to Makkah to complete Hajj. When they arrived at the hotel, they were greeted by an administrator who offered them the choice of staying in the royal suite or a room with a view of the Kaabah. They recounted that they took the accommodation with a view of the Kaabah, which was a miracle given that they could not afford it at the time.

Here is the story they shared:

This year, up to 1000 Hajis have died for a variety of reasons, including extreme heat. Nida and Yasir shared that another woman in the group had died. She was perfectly fine and doing her Ibadats when she suddenly collapsed and died on the voyage.

Here is what they shared:

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