Pakistani Celebrities assemble on Burns Road for Sehri


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Ramadan brings people together to share meals and celebrations, including celebrities in the entertainment industry. From early morning sehri to evening iftars, they join in the spirit of the season and participate in Ramadan transmissions and game shows. Despite their busy schedules, these stars work late hours to entertain their fans and audiences and often unwind by hosting game nights and get-togethers with their colleagues.

Following their game night, a group of famous stars, including Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain, Momal Sheikh, Ali Rehman Khan, Umer Aalam, and several others, ventured out for sehri at the iconic Burn Road in Karachi, which is considered a must-see destination for anyone visiting the City of Lights. The group indulged in some delectable BBQ, quenching their thirst with refreshing lassi, and sharing some delightful tandoori chai.

Here is the complete video of your beloved celebrities relishing a traditional iftar.

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