During the shooting, Ayesha Umar fell into the manhole due to darkness


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Lahore: Actress Ayesha Umar has revealed that she has been a victim of dangerous accidents twice in her life.

Recently, in a podcast with Fareeha Altaf, Ayesha Umar spoke openly about the events that happened in her personal life including showbiz.

Meanwhile, Ayesha said that twice in her life she has been a victim of fatal accidents, first she narrowly escaped a dangerous car accident and the second time she woke up in a manhole.
Ayesha said that she was on location shooting for a fashion campaign for a lawn brand and had to stay late for the next day’s fittings. When she went to use the bathroom to freshen up before returning home, she fell into a manhole whose cover was open due to darkness.

The actress said that due to this accident, she got a severe injury in the lower part of her stomach and started bleeding, then she instructed the driver and assistant present there to take her to the hospital immediately, on which she also got worried.

Ayesha Umar said that she had to be in severe pain for 3 hours after which she underwent surgery and was unable to walk for 4 weeks.

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