What was the most expensive gift that Falak Shabir gave to Sara Khan in the show?


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Well-known Pakistani actress Sara Khan has revealed that her husband, singer Falak Shabbir, showed her ‘home’ as a face.

Falak Shabbir and Sara Khan are the most famous couple in Pakistan’s showbiz industry who are very popular on social media.

Recently, both entertainers participated in private TV’s Ramadan transmission as guests.

During the show, the host Nida Yasir asked Falak what expensive gift he has given Sara so far, to which Falak Shabbir said that only Sara would give the answer.

Sara laughed as usual and said that Falak had gifted me a house at the wedding and still he had gifted me a house a few days ago.

Sara further said that a few days ago, Falk Shabbir also gifted me a diamond ring.

Sara said that after marriage Falk Shabbir has introduced me to expensive brands, Falk has a habit of bringing expensive shoes, purses, and clothes for me when he goes abroad.

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