Pakistani Celebrities Urge Public To Vote


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Pakistan has been taking a delicate turn for 76 years, and the turn has unfortunately turned into a roundabout. Among the many reasons for this, the public’s lack of understanding of the importance of voting would be at the top of the list. This country has gone through one tyrant after another who has just stuffed their coffers while the people live in poverty because they do not understand the value of democracy. Yes, things will not change suddenly just because there is an election, but a government established by ballots rather than in the power drawing rooms is fearful of the people.

Pakistani celebs are also encouraging people to turn out on February 8th to vote for their favorite politicians. Celebrities, including Bushra Ansari and Haroon Shahid, are emphasizing the importance of voting. Here are some of your favorite celebs discussing the significance of voting:

Here is the link to the video watch here:

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