Juggan Kazim Says Easy Divorces Of Today Are Wrong


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Juggan Kazim, an actress, and presenter is well-known in Pakistan. She has been on television for years, and she still can captivate audiences, as seen by her return in the miniseries Gunah. Juggan Kazim has experienced a lot in her life. She divorced her violent spouse and now has a lovely family with her second husband. She is very open about her experiences, and she constantly shares them so that others can learn from them.

Juggan was a guest on Masarrat Misbah’s show, and she offered advice to all of the single people who want to marry again. She stated that any lady who is a mother should never go through an arranged marriage again. She should meet with the man and include her children in the new equation so that the next steps may be determined. This is what she did with Faisal, and it took her six months to make the ultimate decision. She also said that Faisal’s children took some time to warm up to their relationship as they grew older, but everything worked out in the end.

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She also discussed how easy it is for individuals to divorce nowadays. She stated that she had been through this, and that divorce breaks you internally. She went on to say that while divorce should not be stigmatized, individuals nowadays are taking the easy way out, and this is what parents are teaching their children as well. Juggan stated that a person should attempt to the very end to make a marriage work, which is not now occurring.

Here’s what she said.

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