People Applaud Mishi Khan’s Stance On Lavish Iftars


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Ramadan 2024 is concluding, and Muslims all around the world are celebrating with zest and excitement, as they usually do. However, this year’s Ramadan is different from past years. The anguish, pain, and injustice meted out to Muslims throughout the world is unprecedented. For example, individuals in our own nation cannot purchase essential fundamental foods. Inflation has caused people to commit suicide in numerous cities, while many other families that used to aid others now need to help themselves. Pakistan’s middle class has fallen to hazardous proportions, with many individuals unable to pay their bills or buy a proper iftar. In addition, our men, women, and children in Gaza are being murdered.

In such circumstances, we see many of our renowned people posting photos and videos from their opulent Iftar and Suhoor festivities, as well as the gaming evenings that are being held almost every day. Though there is nothing wrong with celebrating within your means, publishing such content this year is plain callous.

Mishi Khan feels the same way, and she called out those who are regularly sharing such content with no respect for the anguish that everyone is going through.

Here is what she had to say and read the comments :

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