Sonya Hussyn’s Major Wardrobe Malfunction On Live Television


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Sonya Hussyn is an actress who has changed her style significantly throughout the years. She is a fantastic actress who has brilliantly portrayed several challenging characters, but she is also renowned as a style star, or at least a starlet who is not afraid to play with her style. She was a guest on Shan e Suhoor with her sisters, and she revealed some details about their lives before she became famous, as well as a wardrobe malfunction she experienced.

Sonya shared a tale about her visit to the Hum Awards in Canada. She looked amazing with a beautiful pink sequined saree and a crystal halter top. Her saree appearance had gone viral at the moment. Here are some photographs from the Hum Awards when she wore the outfit:

Sonya claimed that she sat at the show alongside Nauman Ijaz and other celebrities. Another actress hailed her, and when she turned to face her, her top broke and dropped. At the same time, the hosts approached her to invite her to sing a song. She was terrified now that all of the cameras were focused on her. She then wrapped the entire saree over herself and stood up. She started singing a national song and requested Atif Aslam, who was seated nearby, to join in, which rescued her from shame.

Here is the video of that incident:

Sonya Hussyn explained that her blouse was damaged at the moment.

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