Public Angry With Industry Veterans Criticising Ishq Murshid


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Ishq Murshid has become a sensation. The story is set in a fantastical realm and really reads like a fairy tale. Shahmeer Skiandar/Fazal Bakhsh, portrayed by Bilal Abbas Khan, is the show’s centerpiece, and fans are praising his connection with Shibra, played by Durefishan Saleem. The drama is currently at a dragging period in which the story is not going ahead, yet it is receiving high TRPs and views on YouTube thanks to its large fan base.

Ishq Murshid has recently received critical feedback from several business professionals and elders. They have criticized it for its fantasy genre storyline, the bright lights on the leads that make them glow all the time, and “overacting”. Waseem Abbas stated that he believes Bilal overacts in the drama. Here’s what he said:

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Shamoon Abbasi later stated that he was unable to understand Ishq Murshid’s technical aspects. He pointed out that the lighting on the leads’ faces resembles torches and is antiquated, which he does not comprehend.

Marina Khan, Nadia Khan, and Sadia Imam, all television seniors, have lately examined Ishq Murshid and are unimpressed. In their most recent review, they also praised Bilal Abbas Khan for losing against Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Jaan e Jahan.

People are upset that Ishq Murshid and Bilal Abbas Khan are being criticized, and they are sharing their thoughts.

Ishq Murshid

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