Agha Shiraz Shares A Real Life Spiritual Incident


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Agha Shiraz is a renowned Pakistani television actor who has participated in several popular PTV series. His most renowned plays include Dugdugi, Jaane Anjane, Munna Electrician, Tum Ajnabi Ho, and others. He has participated in several episodes of the popular drama series Bulbulay. Agha Shiraz is also recognized for his magic feats, which he performs with his companions. The actor regularly creates awareness videos for his fans. He also appears on numerous discussion shows. Agha Shiraz is not presently pursuing any acting projects.

He was recently featured on PTV Home’s Ramadan programming. During the presentation, he discussed a natural situation that happened to him and benefited him in life.

He described an event that occurred in 2019, while he was performing Namaz E Asar at a mosque at Karachi Sea View. He stated, “While I was saying Namaz E Asar, someone tapped my shoulder and urged me to repeat the Salah; that individual also warned me that my prayers would not be accepted until I sought Allah’s love and guidance. However, I ignored his counsel and finished my Darood and Dua. I turned to look for the individual and couldn’t find him. I then inquired from the Imam Masjid, who stated, “I observed you conversing with someone invisible, let me tell you something important, the spiritual beings (Jin) pray hereafter Asar, I think you should follow the guidance you received.”

Here is the link to the video:

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