Rakhi Sawant warns all those who are passing negative comments 


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After traveling to Saudi Arabia to conduct Umrah last week, the well-known Indian social media influencer and actress Rakhi Sawant made headlines. Rakhi Sawant added that when she made the decision to perform Umrah, she was experiencing some serious heartbreak. She said that after offering prayers to Allah in Makkah, she now feels powerful and more potent. Keep in mind that while insulting her husband Adil Durrani, Rakhi offered multiple prayers on the Khana Kaaba and posted them with her fans.

The well-known actress has returned to India and is currently responding to press inquiries. She plainly warns the male reporters in one of her films that is making the rounds on social media to keep their distance from her, especially after the pious and spiritual Umrah voyage. Javaria Saud, a renowned Pakistani actress, liked the video and shared it on her Instagram page. Watch the video that Javeria Saud shared first.

After Umrah, she warns all their haters who are passing negative comments on social media to post on their religious journey.

Here is the Link of Video Watch the Complete Video:

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