Saba Faisal On Young Boys’ Flirtatious Messages & Her Successful Marriage


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Saba Faisal is a great and well-known Pakistani television actress. She has several years of experience working in the media sector. She started her career as a PTV newscaster. Saba is praised for her diverse acting abilities. She has previously appeared in numerous popular Pakistani dramas, including Durreshehwar, Lashkara, Baaghi, Humsafar, Ghisi Phiti Muhabbat, Sar E Raah, Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Habs, and others. Saba Faisal is happily married with three children.

Saba Faisal’s footage from TV One’s Thori Si Masti Show has recently gained traction on social media. Saba Faisal said on the show, presented by Nadia Khan, that she had received amorous texts from young guys. She also revealed the key to her successful marriage.

Speaking about it, she stated, “I still receive messages from younger boys of 22.” Even at this age, they say, “We can leave anything for you, we want to propose to you,” to which I respond, “You should come and ask for the proposal from my grandson.” My spouse is also aware of the situation; I tell him everything.”

When asked about her successful marriage, she said, “Faisal loves me very much, and I adore him as well. He shows his affection through texts, and I regularly tell him, “I live in Karachi because of work, and you live in Lahore.” Otherwise, there would be no more love between us. She also stated that men want to hear romantic phrases from their wives.

Here’s a link to the video:

The actress is recognized for her pleasant and kind approach toward her coworkers, both young and elderly. Here are some photos of Saba Faisal:

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