Aima Baig Reveals The Reason For Her Break-Up


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Aima Baig is a beautiful and skilled Pakistani singer. She has performed several successful songs, including Aey Zindagi, Qalabaz Dil, Baazi, Befikariyaan, Kaif O Surror, and Mast Malang. She recently made news by performing the iconic Kaifi Khalil song Kahani Suno. She also performs the theme music for several dramas. Aima Baig recently performed a song for the Pakistan Super League.

Recently, Aima was featured on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast. Excuse me, in the podcast, she explained the cause of her breakup.

Talking about it, she stated, “There were a lot of things going on between us that no one knew about. I also don’t want to go into depth about it. We had wonderful families that understood us; there were no difficulties between them, but there were other issues between us, so it was a shared choice, although it was mine. I believe we shouldn’t go for it right now, but I think the choice went the wrong way.

Speaking about dealing with trolls connected to breakups and scandal, she stated, “Yes, I had gone through a lot, and my family worked as a support system for me; my brother and sister used to hide the social media trolling from me, but I understood what was going on, and I also had a mobile phone. She also stated that she was experiencing suicide thoughts when all of these events were occurring in her life.

Here’s a link to the video:

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