Saba Faisal Reveals Daughter Sadia Was Angry At Her


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Saba Faisal is a celebrity who has gone through various career transformations. She began as a newscaster and eventually moved into business, where she owned a successful store. Saba Faisal eventually began acting, and the star has never looked back. She has been in several successful plays and films, and she is always able to capture the audience’s attention, even if the part is little. She is constantly scrutinized owing to social media, yet she loves and embraces her celebrity.

Saba Faisal spoke on Wasi Shah’s show and discussed how much she had paid for her popularity. She is quite close to her daughter Sadia Faisal, who is also an actress and model. Saba admitted that she couldn’t stay in Lahore after marrying off her daughter to support her new marriage and in-laws, and she still feels guilty about it. She needs to return to Karachi for employment.

She also said that she promised her daughter that she would stay with her for two months after she gave birth to her son, but her daughter said no. And on the day Sadia gave birth to her baby, Saba had to leave her due to patchwork for a drama, and her daughter was sobbing and upset with her.

She expressed how much she has sacrificed for this field:

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