Saheefa Jabbar Gets Emotional Sharing Her Depression Ordeal


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Shaheefa Jabbar is a superb Pakistani television actor and model who has participated in several popular Pakistani series. She has also been a successful model, endorsing several high-end apparel labels. Shaheefa Jabbar has collaborated with some incredible Pakistani fashion designers. She is also recognized for her catchy Bollywood-inspired modeling clips. Saheefa Jabbar graduated from LUMS. She is open about her depression because she has suffered from it since 2013.

Recently, Saheefa was featured on Ahmed Ali Butt’s show, where she talked about her sadness. Saheefa spoke about her sadness, saying, “I had been going through depression since 2013, but I wasn’t aware that it was depression; I simply assumed that I was reacting to things that didn’t go in my favor. After a time, I understood that my panic attacks were permanent. Despite having a great life, loving parents, money, and a lovely spouse, my panic attacks continued to occur. It was then that I discovered I had been suffering from sadness and acute anxiety.

She went on to say that she didn’t have much exposure to or understanding of depression because she comes from a middle-class household where most individuals have average graduation degrees and are unaware of topics like mental health. While recounting her depression tale, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak also chastised her therapist, who was unpleasant to her and only concerned with her other appointments, time, and money. She stated that a therapist should be concerned about the health of his or her patients.

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Saheefa Jabbar Khattak also stated that, despite having an outstanding support system in the form of her husband and brother, her anxiety and despair remain uncontrollable, making recovery difficult for her. Saheefa recalled her struggle with depression on her travel to Canada, saying, “I informed the flight crew of my problem since I was already thirty tablets down and knew I would be suffering serious panic attacks. I was taking antidepressants every several hours, and I don’t recall meeting with my spouse.

I recall being unstable for days and not wanting anyone to talk to me, but my spouse took care of me. I’m alive because of my hubby. He has been incredibly nice in this circumstance; otherwise, I would have perished long ago. The way dad looked after me in Canada and Pakistan.” Saheefa was very open about her depression and discussed every detail of it.

Here’s the link to her video.

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