Shaan Shahid Pays Beautiful Tribute To The Women in His Life


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Shaan Shahid is a prominent and skilled Pakistani cinema actor, producer, writer, and director who has achieved enormous popularity and success during his remarkable career. Shaan Shahid is well-known as a superstar who formerly dominated the Pakistani film industry with his outstanding performances in popular Pakistani films. Bulandi, Nikah, Majajan, Khuda Kay Liey, Zarrar, and Waar are among his most well-known flicks.

The actor has a lovely family. He married Amna Bandey and has four beautiful daughters. Shaan Shahid is the son of Pakistan’s prominent cinema personalities Neelo Begum and Riaz Shahid. Now, Shaan Shahid’s eldest daughter Bahisht Shahid is preparing to enter the entertainment sector.

Shaan Shahid recently visited the ‘Literature Festival’ at Arts Council Karachi, where he discussed the role of the ladies in his life.

When asked about his mother, Shaan Shahid replied, “For me, it is a journey; previously, I only saw women in the role of mother; my mother was a very strong woman who sacrificed her life for us, she used to work for us, and she raised us as a single mother.” She raised us all by herself, and after that, I married my gorgeous wife, had a sister, and became a parent. It was also at this time that I began to meet other ladies in my life; I believe that every guy should have a daughter.

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