Sahiba Thought Her Real Father Was Dead


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Sahiba is a cinema actress who has always received praise and affection from her admirers. She just had a significant transformation in her life when she saw her true father for the first time in 42 years. Her meeting with her father was dramatic and emotional, and it went viral throughout social media.

Sahiba and Rambo appeared on Nida Yasir’s show and discussed the facts of what happened. Rambo catalyzed the father and daughter to reunite. Rambo said that Sahiba had heard from someone that her father could have died at some time, but it was false information. Someone who knew Sahiba’s father eventually reunited with Rambo, and the father-daughter reunion occurred.

This is what Rambo revealed:

Sahiba also stated that she had no idea who her biological father was, and no one on her maternal side of the family had told her. She learned that as a youngster from a third individual. She described how, when her father eventually paid a visit, he showed her all of the family photos and they became closer.

This is what they shared:

Sahiba also moaned a lot when she saw her father, but she eventually got her feelings out. Rambo stated that Sahiba has several behaviors similar to her father. Here is what she stated:

Sahiba also stated that while many people questioned why they videotaped the encounter, it was beneficial in the sense that people will learn to forgive, as Sahiba was able to forgive her father, who had never met her. Nothing is larger than that sin.

Here is what she said:

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